How it Works


As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, there is increasing demand for reliable and convenient charging options. Sharing your charging station with the BlossomEV community has many benefits, including income, building relationships with like minded people and helping others make travelling electric more sustainable.
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Join the Blossom Network to become a Host, Guest, or Both!


Fill out a simple form to list your charger on the Blossom Network. Provide your available hours, charger type, payment methods and location info.


Review incoming requests for charging sessions. Simply click “Accept” and allow the session to proceed. 


Provide your guests with easy access to your charger for the duration agreed to. Get Bonus points for enhancing their experience with WIFI, refreshments, etc.


Complete the session by accepting payment and providing feedback for the guest. Blossom takes care of the financial transaction.


Join in a community of like minded people, who want to support the transition to electric. BlossomEV aims to open up a world of possibility by connecting people to more charging stations across Canada.

Support  the local community whether you are commuting for work or hitting the road on an an endless adventure.


Join the Blossom Network to become a Host, Guest, or Both!


Locate an available charger using our map view. Review feedback from previous guests to help you decide.


Schedule your session for the time and duration you need. Plan for multiple charges along your trip or reserve a charger that is available right now. 


Check out your host’s accomodations and our recommendations for things to do in the area while you charge.


continue on to your next destination or wherever life is taking you. Blossom handles all the transaction details. Provide feedback for the host.